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Seylah turned 1!

February 21, 2013

Seylah’s parents are no longer counting her age by months. She is now 1 year old! Crazy how much faster life goes by as you get older. I had always heard older people saying this exact thing when I was younger but never understood how true it was. I am sure this first year flew by for Seylah’s parents. I am so happy to have been able to help capture some of this time for them so they can look back and remember how sweet she was before she was a teenager :). Thanks Seylah, for being such a beautiful model!

Layton Children PhotographyLayton Children PhotographyLayton Children PhotographyLayton Children PhotographyLayton Children PhotographyLayton Children PhotographyLayton Children Photography

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving. I had lots of free time and as usual I did not get as much done as I wanted. That is just the way my life is. Never enough time for everyone and everything. Lots of things I keep telling my wife I will get done that keep getting postponed. Eventually I have to get caught up, right? On that same note, I posted a teaser for this family session a while back and promised the full post. This is it. This family was a lot of fun. Their daughter is turning 8 and getting baptized so we took a few of her in her baptism dress. They turned out great. She was an excellent model. On to my favorite part, the pictures!