I am starting this blog with a wedding I shot in Stockton California. I flew out really early on Saturday morning and drove for an hour straight to their home. I arrived around 11am. The bride was beautiful! It had been raining all morning and stopped when I arrived. I always bring the sun with me 🙂 We couldn’t have asked for better weather the rest of the day. I left the wedding around 10pm. I could hardly walk. Drove for another hour to my hotel and slept for about 5 hours before I had to get up and catch the flight back home to Utah. I honestly couldn’t have asked for nicer people than those I got to meet and work with on this one. Every person I met was very nice. I am a lucky wedding photographer!

Enjoy the pictures.

Stockton, California Wedding PhotographyStockton, California Wedding PhotographyStockton, California Wedding PhotographyStockton, California Wedding Photography






























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  1. This is my daughter’s wedding and I know we wore Tyson out but I hope he is as pleased as we are with these pictures!! Everyone that sees the pictures has to know who the photographer is! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. His work is one of a kind, perfect! Thank you Tyson.

  2. Lynda McIlmoil says:

    This is my beautiful niece’s wedding. Great job! The moments were captured very elequently.

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