This was such a great day for a wedding. Despite the weather and other issue, this wedding went off without a hitch. We started the day off early. The girls and guys were supposed to have separate cabins. Due to a power issue they ended up having to share. Luckily these cabins were more like large homes with plenty of room for everyone. From there it was just a short 10 minute drive to Snowbasin Resort. Thunder storm after thunder storm blew over the mountain and the gondola ended up being closed down for the entire day. With the wedding planned at the Needles Lodge at the top of the mountain the plan was changed and everything was moved to Earls Lodge at the bottom of the hill. No matter where the ceremony ended up happening it was going to be incredible. There was just too much love and positivity for any other outcome. It was a long day and it wore me out but I had a great time and want to thank everyone involved for taking such great care of me.


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