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I just finished designing this album of Matt and Katherine’s wedding at the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am using these to order a sample from my new wedding book vendor, Kiss. As soon as they arrive I will do a post of the final product. I ordered a 12×12″ and a Little Kiss 4×4″. They should be here in a few weeks if anyone wants to see them up close and personal. I can’t wait to see them! I will be designing another book soon and will post that one as well. Thanks for looking….

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 1

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 2

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 3

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 4

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 5

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 6

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 7

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 8

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 9

Salt Lake City Utah Temple Wedding 10

I have been a little backlogged the last little while and my personal projects, like this blog, have had to take a backseat to more important things. Mike and Hillary met at their work. They quickly became best friends. What better thing, than to marry your best friend. I am that lucky.

We shot their engagement pictures back in June at Snowbasin, Utah. It was gorgeous! It was also raining most of the time. These two were troopers. They got wet and muddy and smiled through the whole thing. I believe it was worth it. The pictures turned out fantastic. I am going to keep these short as I am working the engagement, bridal, and wedding all into one post.






We shot Hillary’s bridals in August. It was hot but we started early enough that it wasn’t too bad. Hillary has the most amazing personality. She is always happy and has a great outlook on life. We met in North Ogden at The Barn golf course. I am a big fan of ivy in pictures and luckily I found some.




The wedding was on September 5th back at Snowbasin. I had not been up there for a long time and had not seen all of the changes brought about by the Winter Olympics back in 2002. A lot had changed. It is a really nice place. We traveled up the gondola to the Needles Lodge for the ceremony. The view was majestic from the patio where the ceremony was held. After the ceremony a small storm front moved in and it got a little windy. Not much fun for pictures. Back down the gondola we went for the dinner and reception at Earl’s Lodge. The food was delicious. The reception was fun. Hillary’s nephew was a riot. He liked to see if he could get his hands up in front of his face before I got a picture. Looks like I won and I hope he likes seeing the proof in this blog.
































Just a quick teaser from a family session at Layton Park on Saturday afternoon. Perfect warm weather plus perfect fall colors = Success! More to come from this session when I have more time.



New Album Options

November 5, 2009

We are introducing a new line of albums from Kiss(keep it simple stupid). These albums are simple but they are also a great product. They come with a lifetime guaranty against manufacturer defects. There are two lines of albums. Hard kisses have leather covers. Soft kisses have linen covers and are half as thick. The albums can be ordered in 4×4″, 8×8″, 10×10″ and 12×12″. The 4×4″ albums are called little kisses(makes me think of Nacho Libre “Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss”). They are rad! The pages are rigid and they lay flat. Here is Kiss’s explination of the lay flat pages: “We hate to see a beautiful photo cut down the middle, so we build all of our spreads with a micro-fold, not a cut. Our binding lays beautifully flat, so each spread can be presented in all of its glory. KISS paper won’t discolor like many non-cut books do!”. The colors you get to choose from are white, pink, green, red, blue, brown and black. These work great for any session, wedding or event. Pricing is below and on the website at


Hard Leather

Soft Linen













Kiss stacks











Once again, I am sitting here late at night doing this when I should be sleeping. At least my body will feel like it is sleeping in an extra hour in the morning with the time change. I am only going to post a few shots of this one since I need to go to bed. I really enjoyed this session. These are great people. It had been raining but cleared up just before we met for the session. I don’t think it could have been nicer.